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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many images will we receive from our event?2024-04-21T15:43:47-07:00

I don’t set a limit, but on average I usually deliver 75-100 images per hour of coverage.

What post production is included in your photography packages?2024-04-21T15:56:02-07:00

For every event I photograph I spend a great deal of time making sure that your images look spectacular.  The adjustments I make include:

• Exposure Adjustments

• Color Temperature Adjustments

• Cropping

• Contrast

• Black Point

• Vibrance

• Sharpening

What is your photography style?2024-04-21T15:57:42-07:00

I’m a photojournalist at heart so aside from the common portraits and details you should expect from any photographer, I aim to capture candid moments throughout the day to tell the full story.

Can we see a full wedding gallery?2024-04-21T16:00:33-07:00

Sure!  I recommend first checking out my blog to see the top 20-50 images from each wedding or event I photograph and from there you can go to my client portal to view a recent full wedding.


Can we request specific shots?2024-04-21T16:03:08-07:00

Absolutely!  Usually 2-4 weeks before your wedding or event we will connect to go over the timeline and shot details.  This is a great time to relay over any shots you love or hate.  You can also email me at any point in time in the process and I’ll update my notes.

Are you insured?2024-04-21T16:05:32-07:00

Yes, I carry a one million dollar policy to cover liability.  If your venue requires a certificate of insurance please email me directly with their contact info and who I should list as the “additionally insured” and I can update my policy and provide the COI.

Do you carry backup equipment?2024-04-21T16:08:45-07:00

Yes!  This is absolutely critical for any professional photographer.  I keep a backup camera, memory cards, lenses, flash and batteries on site at every photo shoot.  While working every shot is downloaded to two memory cards in the camera and when I get home I immediately download it to two hard drives to ensure that your images are safe!

What equipment do you work with?2024-04-21T16:11:43-07:00

I shoot on the Canon platform and use a 5d MK III.  For lenses I stick to 2.8 L series zoom lenses (16-35mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm) as my go to choices.  I also carry faster prime 85mm and 50mm lenses.  For lighting I carry on and off camera options to ensure I can create spectacular images in any environment.

Do you deliver all of the photos?2024-04-21T16:15:46-07:00

I deliver the best photos and err on the side of overdelivering.  If there is a shot that isn’t technically perfect, but it is important to the story of the day I would rather you have it than to edit out my mistake.  If you are interested in having all of the raw files I am happy to deliver them onto a hard drive that you provide.

How will we receive our photos?2024-04-21T16:18:52-07:00

I deliver all of my images through an online event gallery.  It is a great way to be able to immediately browse through all of the wedding day images and download the high resolution files.  It is also great for sharing with family and friends and even has an online ordering option if you are interested in professional quality prints.

What is your booking process?2024-04-21T16:27:04-07:00

The booking process typically starts with a call or meeting to discuss what you have envisioned and for me to get a better idea of the scope of the day.  From there rest of the process takes place online.

I create and email over a quote that is tailored to your event.  On the quote page you can add any additional items you may be interested in such as additional hours of coverage and approve the quote.  The next page details the payment schedule including payment amounts and due dates.  After approving the payment schedule you will fill out a client info form.  On the next page you will have a chance to review and digitally sign the contract for the event.  The last step will be to make your deposit payment which can be handled either online via mailing a check.  After these steps are completed I will countersign the contract and the date will be saved!

Do you travel?2024-04-21T16:29:13-07:00

Yes!  I love working in new spaces.  There is a travel charge for events that take place outside of San Diego County.

Have you shot at my venue?2024-04-21T16:32:05-07:00

Most likely!  Definitely ask and if I can I will point you to a blog post from an event I photographed at your venue.  In the 20+ years I have worked as a photographer in San Diego I feel like I have worked everywhere!  Some of these events may be on the blogs of other companies that I have contracted for, but I’m happy to show off the work.

I don’t quite see what I’m looking for in your packages, can you create a custom quote?2024-04-21T22:54:25-07:00

Absolutely!  Message me with what you are interested in and I will gladly provide a custom quote.

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