A Love Story in La Jolla: An Intimate Wedding and Captivating Portraits at Scripps Seaside Forum

This was one of my favorite weddings from the year! Christine and Curtis began their journey towards forever in the embrace of their beautiful family home in La Jolla.  The architecture of the house combined with the gorgeous landscaping set a lovely scene for the wedding ceremony.  After the ceremony we made our way over to Scripps Seaside Forum and captured stunning portraits of our couple.

View My Favorite Wedding Day Photos:

A Wedding Photographer’s Dream Location!

With its sleek architecture and panoramic ocean views, the Scripps Seaside Forum provided the perfect backdrop for Christine and Curtis to immortalize their love in timeless photographs. Against the backdrop of the vast Pacific Ocean and the golden hues of the setting sun, they shared tender moments and stole glances that spoke volumes of their deep connection.

As they wandered hand in hand along the seaside promenade and posed against the backdrop of the Forum’s striking architecture, Christine and Curtis’s love radiated like a beacon of light, illuminating the beauty of their surroundings and the depth of their bond.

Capturing the magic of their wedding day against the backdrop of Scripps Seaside Forum was not just about creating beautiful photographs; it was about preserving the memories of a love that knows no bounds and a day that would forever hold a special place in their hearts.

With each click of the camera shutter, Christine and Curtis’s love story unfolded in vivid detail, a testament to the enduring power of love and the beauty of two souls united as one. And as they gazed into each other’s eyes, surrounded by the beauty of La Jolla’s coastline, they knew that their love would continue to grow and flourish with each passing day, creating a lifetime of cherished memories together.

The Wedding Vendor Dream Team:

I was so fortunate to get to work alongside some of the best wedding vendors in San Diego for this event.  I highly recommend each and every one of the following wedding professionals:

Planner:  First Comes Love 

Florist:  Organic Elements

Videography:  Blue Tiger Films

Catering:  Guiseppe’s Fine Catering

Hair and Makeup: Team Nicole

Cake: Heritage Desserts

Photographer: Nick Mantzel Photography